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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A Simple Guide to Photo Story 3

One good tool to start developing our skill or our students' skill in making a movie is the use of Photo Story 3. It is a tool where you can compile your pictures, add or create music background, add narration, add titles to your pictures and a lot of more. The output of the movie using this tool depends on your creativity and concepts.

Photo Story 3 is a FREE software, however, you need to install Windows Media Player in your computer to install this tool. This tool can be used in creating simple movie presentation of lessons or reports of students after their activities. Creating such movie can be shared too through Vimeo, Youtube or simply file copying.

The link shared here is a very simple guide in using Photo Story 3. It is a step by step presentation. Again, your  output depends on your creativity. Hope you'll enjoy using Photo Story 3.