Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as hard duty..”-ALBERT EINSTEIN

About Me

        Renato Fontanilla a.k.a Sirfonts is a Physics and Technology teacher. A graduate of BSE Physics and Technology at Philippine Normal University, Manila. He started his career teaching Physics since 2003 up to the present at Pangasinan National High School, Lingayen Pangasinan, Philippines. Teaching Physics is not the only interest of Sirfonts, he also enjoys teaching and mentoring his colleagues in Science and Technology Department. 

          On his 3rd year of teaching, he was sent to Baguio City to attend seminar-workshop regarding Interactive Strategies in Teaching Physics Concepts in the Secondary Level. In this seminar, Sirfonts's new interest bloomed. From then on, Sirfonts started to be a trainer in teaching Physics concepts, misconceptions in Physics and different strategies used in teaching teachers in this field.

           Sirfonts is a technology enthusiast. He started learning computer at an early age. He was so fascinated by the capability of computer. He enjoys playing  both offline and online games. Because of this, he learn computer not only in the classroom yet through his experience handling different programs in computer. He was the top students in computer literacy in his class both in high school and college. 

             To be effective in  teaching students of the 21st Century, Sirfonts attended the Krause Center for Innovation-Foothill College EdTech Seminar for Trainers held last April 2013. In this training when Sirfonts learn more about the different strategies in teaching 21st century generation of learners. He adapted the different internet tools to teach his students and his colleagues in the school. He is a trainer, coach, mentor and resource speaker in various education technology tools seminar-workshop held in Pangasinan National High School, Lingayen, where thousands of high school teachers and administrators attended.

               Sirfonts is a happily married man with his wife Mylene Fe and daugther Reanne. He is now 33 years old.

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