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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Adding Files on Edmodo Library-A Quick Guide.

Files in the edmodo library are sources that we can view or share to our students anytime and anywhere. It is a collection of thoughts, works, videos or any that you have done or wanted to upload in your library.
Here is a quick guide that you can follow:

  1. On the library, click on the button "ADD TO LIBRARY
  2. A pop-up window will appear, you may choose between "FILE or LINK". If you choose file, take note that you are allowed to upload only a maximum of 100MB.
  3. Another pop-up window will appear, but this time, it is a pop-up window of your explorer, find the file you want to upload and click "OPEN"
  4. On a pop-up window, showing your added file, click "ADD" button.
  5. Then your upload file will be on your library.
The use of edmodo library is very important  because your will have your access to all your data or sources anytime you want in any gadget you use. Free yourself from dangling USB drives. Be convenient.